An afternoon walk to the pond

Last Saturday I took a walk around and on the nearby pond, Kyvannet. I was going for a stroll with the baby (always a good excuse to walk a bit further and bring the camera). It was in the afternoon so the sun was setting and the light fading, but it was still a nice trip. The ice on the pond is thick enough for ice skating. We went there the weekend before too so that our 3 year old could practice with his new skates. There are always many families with children down at the pond in the weekends. Especially this January when there hasn’t been enough snow for skiing. This week that´s finally changed, so if if just stay below zero (Celsius) we perhaps finally can go skiing during the weekend ahead of us.

afternoon light Kyvatnet

beautiful clouds

straw hanging

lonely bench

Ice skaters

Fading light

Ice skaters at the pond

20 thoughts on “An afternoon walk to the pond

  1. There is so much winter beauty where you live, Inga. How did your little one do on the new skates? You must all be very hardy to be out in such cold temperatures. I suppose your body is used to it though. 🙂

    1. My little one did well, and he didn’t get upset when he fell. He has been practicing in kindergarten too, so he’s getting better at it. It’s not really test cold these days, but for someone not used to winters I’m sure it would feel very cold. 🙂

  2. Lovely photos Inga… some blogs are showing excessive snow.. and you’re not getting any when you’re expecting it… this weather is really mixed up at the moment… still looks cold enough to me to stay in bed with a good book…

  3. It must have felt strange to be in such a northern winter and yet not have had enough snow for skiing. There are places in the northern United States that have also had less snow and less cold than usual this year.

    1. It has been a bit strange, yes, but now nothing is normal anymore, neither winters nor summers. Anyways, now it has been snowing for more than 24 hours straight, so there´s more than enough snow – finally. 🙂

  4. Herlig stemningsrapport fra Kyvannet, Inga! Falt særlig for det femte og det siste bildet her. Skikkelig trivelig miljøskildring 🙂
    Et deilig sted å rusle. Var der mye i fjor høst og knipsa fuglebilder. Det er et underlig fredelig sted tett innpå så mye bebyggelse.

    1. Hjertelig takk, Ståle! Ja, det er flott ved Kyvannet. Før var Teisendammen min “nærdam”, men jeg må si jeg faktisk nyter Kyvannet mer uten at jeg helt klarer å definere hvorfor. Kanskje som du sier, et underlig fredelig sted til tross for at det er tett innpå bebyggelse. 🙂

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