Lunch walk on a cold day

I will try to take the time to go for a lunch walk with the camera once a week. This last weekΒ΄s lunch walk was on a cold, but beautiful day. I walked towards the Nidaros Cathedral and down to the river. I shot both in colors and in b&w.

domen i svart-hvittThe Nidaros Cathedral. I just loved how the light fell upon it that day.

domen i fargerA bit closer and in colors πŸ™‚

trondheimsrosa“The Trondheim rose” (Trondhjemsrosen) is a city symbol for Trondheim. Chosen because it has been in use since the middle ages, probably as a symbol for Saint Olaf that was buried close to where the Nidaros Cathedral is situated today. The rose is the rosa canina, commonly known in English as the dog rose (sounds brutal to me πŸ˜‰ I found this particular rose at a small monument down by the river Nidelva.

icy down by the riverBecause of the cold there were lots of ice down by the water.

icy patternsIcy patterns.

straw and waterI donΒ΄t care IΒ΄m freezing – I really like to photograph things in the cold.

winter light into the cemeteryOn my way back to work, I went through the cemetery by the cathedral. Love the low winter sun.

my shadowAnd when I turned around it was hard to avoid my own shadow.

white berriesSnowberries (Symphoricarpos) in the winter sun.

I hope you enjoyed following me on my lunch walk. πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Lunch walk on a cold day

  1. Beautiful sequence. The B&W shots are outstanding. Love The Trondheim rose image the down river ice-jam. All very well done compositions. πŸ™‚

  2. The cold, ice and snow certainly make for great photography.. and I also realsied the sun being so far south your lighting is not as harsh… lovely photos Inga… I particularly like the snow and ice… mind you the Cathedral is magnificent… oh They are all outstanding…

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