It´s all frosty

I had a lovely morning walk on Saturday as I took the opportunity to bring my camera on my stroll to get the baby to sleep. It was cold, about minus 10 Celsius, and the sun had just come over the horizon.

low winter sun


frosty railings by the damFrosty railings by the dam close by.


A peak through a frosty windowA peak towards the pond through a frosty window in the shed by the bus stop.

Frosty leaf

Frosty detailsI love how the frost makes everything look different.

frosty straw


26 thoughts on “It´s all frosty

  1. Love the first image but they are all good… new theme? Its different from what “I think” I’m used to… I like the bigger pictures but I think the sidebars disappear when you go with that. Its an observation not a complaint 🙂

    1. Thanks, Bashar. Yes new theme. I’m not sure I will stick with it yet. Just trying out something new. I too like the bigger pictures, and how they look on the background, but I’m with you about the sidebar. We’ll see if I miss it enough to find a theme that gets it back 😉

  2. Superfint på bilder er det jo, men litt vel kaldt om dagen synes jeg. Kune godt blitt bitte litt mildere og bitte litt mer snø for min del. Grønn plen jeg faktisk, og neimenn ikke normalt i januar 🙂

    Isrosene her var helt fantastisk Inga!

  3. What amazing shots, every one. I really love this post! Except that I feel cold looking at the pics! 🙂

    1. Thank you, AD. The baby took a while before falling asleep. I think he’s getting more curious now and want to pay attention to every thing around him 🙂

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