A lunch walk between the rain showers

Yesterday, I brought my camera to work and went for a walk during my lunch break. It´s still raining every day, but luckily it wasn’t raining during my break, and actually the sun was barely visible every now and then too. I walked towards a part of the city called Bakklandet. An area where there was industry and where workers lived in wooden buildings. Today it´s a residential area with also small independent shops, galleries and cafés.

st jørgensveitaOn the way to Bakklandet, I passed St. Jørgensveita (a “veite” is basically a narrow street). This street has well preserved architecture from the mid-19th century.

st jørgensveita 2From the other side of the street, St. Jørgensveita. Some has now thrown out the christmas tree (as we have too)

wharves bakklandetA classic view of the wharves along the river Nidelva. These wharves are on the Bakklandet side of the river. The oldest wharves are from the 18th century.

Baklandet skydsstationThis wonderful café, established in 1997 in a building from the late 18th century, was recently named by the travel magazine National Geographic Traveler as the best café of 2012. The author said it just might be the coziest place in Scandinavia.

architecture bakklandetDifferent types of architecture at Bakklandet.

BakklandetGallery, café, residential house, and a small independent shop. Don´t you just want to visit this area?

old sign 1An old sign outside a general store that sells lots of old stuff.

28 thoughts on “A lunch walk between the rain showers

  1. I’ve always appreciated architecture that uses windows so smartly! I like how each of your photos capture their value as well. Nice way to spend a lunch hour!

    1. Thanks so much, Tim. I’m glad you liked it. And yes, it’s great to take time for a walk every now and then. It’s also helps me get more motivated once I’m back in front of the computer.

  2. Hi, and thanks for visiting all the way from Australia 🙂 These photos are taken in a part of the city of Trondheim, which is situated in the middle part of Norway, about 7 hours drive north of the capital Oslo. Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, with 180 000 inhabitants.

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