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Out and about with Inga

As promised, here are some photos of the town San Gemini where we stayed at the palazzo I wrote about the other day. San Gemini is a municipality of about 4 500 inhabitants, and is a lovely, quiet town with very few tourists and lots of restaurants. The region Umbria is a part of the slow food movement, and the food of course reflects that. There are a few churches, and a Duomo (although not really a cathedral as it´s not a bishops seat).

narrow streetsLots of narrow streets, and many of them are only for pedestrians.

Street with signs

streetsWe had fantastic (and extremely hot) weather, that gave this fantastic light. I loved it when walking in narrow streets in the shadows and coming out into the sunlight.

Borgo di San GeminiBorgo di San Gemini

piazza San FrancescoThe main square, Piazza San Francesco. Great ice cream bar on the corner of that municipal building there.

gothic gate by the churchThe Church of…

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