334/366 Brandenburger Gate

334 brandenburger tor

Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburger Gate) on a rainy afternoon. I tried with 15 seconds exposure and got the effect of  making all the other tourists and tourist stuff like “ghosts”. I kinda liked the effect.

To be at the Brandenburger Tor was very special. I remember that I watched the news with my parents, seeing it live when they started tearing down the Berlin Wall and celebrated at this place in 1989. I was 12 years old and I remember that I realized that I was really living in an historic time with all that happened in Eastern Europe. From one day to another our history books were out of date. I think that what happened back then triggered my interest in history, and many years later I studied history for many years in college and at the university.

11 thoughts on “334/366 Brandenburger Gate

  1. I like the contrast of the strong stable columns juxtaposed against the movement below, as well as the contrast of the two dominant colors. Good work, Inga.

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