305/366 Memories on the fridge door

After we´ve got kids there´s always a need for keeping messages from the kindergarten, phone numbers and other stuff in a place where we can see it. So we all of a sudden found ourselves doing what I guess lots of families do: keeping it on the fridge door with a magnet. So now we make a thing out of it, buying fridge magnets when we´re traveling. This one is from Prague where we were 2 years ago. It´s a way of keeping memories. The leaf my oldest son picked for me and we put it up on the fridge door so we can look at it every day. 🙂

6 thoughts on “305/366 Memories on the fridge door

  1. My daughter has two small children 3 and 6… their fridge door now needs to grow… there is no more space for anything and how any one can follow whats up there I don’t know… yet they keep abreast of everything on their fridge door…I’ve even seen the dog standing studying it…

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