304/366 Snowy days


This is a snapshot taken on my way to work yesterday morning. These last days have been really beautiful, though cold. I have always loved winter and have lots of good winter memories. Playing in the snow, going skiing, the taste of hot chocolate and more.  🙂

11 thoughts on “304/366 Snowy days

    1. Yes, I do find it difficult to find the right setting for snow photos. This one is taken with my phone but the others I have posted are taken with my DSLR. I often take a few photos at different settings to find the right one. And I also often need to change the brightness and other things in an editing program later. Not much, but just so it doesn´t look too blue or too beige.

  1. Is it really snowing there? It’s terribly warm here still, and the light jackets that protect against the slight morning chill are cast aside in the afternoon sun here in Arizona.

    1. Yes, really. But now the temperature is above zero (celsius) again and the snow is starting to disappear. I hope it stays away for a few weeks and come back in time for Christmas. 🙂

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