303/366 Memories from Crete

The theme for this week is “Memories”. Since we have just moved and lots of stuff are still packed in boxes, Iยดm not sure how this week will go, but I will give it a try. One can find memories in lots of things. These earrings my husband bought me while we were on vacation in Crete last year. He bought a matching necklace too. I love the colors of them. And even though these are not expensive stuff, he surprised me with it and for that I love them ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a fabulous stay in Crete and these earrings are a reminder of good times.

6 thoughts on “303/366 Memories from Crete

  1. Good memories don’t have to be expensive… I have so many small insignificant things from holidays that just bring back good times…. but these ear rings look beautiful….

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