13 thoughts on “300/366 Leaf in the snow

    1. So does it really snow in February? I would be very disappointed if there wasn’t a white christmas, but if I lived in Texas I guess I would be dissapointed if it started snowing at all. 😉

      1. About every other year, we get a good, hearty snow, and our winter weather doesn’t usually start until February. Now, Texas is so big, that different parts have different degrees of winter. The extreme northern portion gets some good, hard freezes every year. Then there’s the far southern part (known as the “Rio Grande Valley”) that hardly ever freezes and rarely sees snow. We’re in what is called “north central Texas,” the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. About 1.5 hours from Oklahoma. A couple years ago, we had the first “white Christmas” in about 100 years! The problem we have is that our snow is usually mixed with freezing rain. That makes driving conditions very treacherous.

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