240/366 View over Trondheim

The theme for this week is “Trondheim, the city I live in” and I will try to show you a few aspects of the city. Trondheim is Norway’s third largest city, but that doesn’t say much for those of you who come from countries with lots of big cities. There are less than 200 000 inhabitants in this city. The city center is quite small and you can easily cover all of it by walking. There are many students in the city as there is a large university here with 20 000 students, and a few colleges too. I was not born here, but moved here to study at the university. I met my husband studying political science and we have stayed here after we finished our studies. This autumn I have lived in Trondheim for 14 years. I will tell a bit more about the city in each post this week (at least that’s the idea).

This shot is taken from a viewpoint not far from where I live that is literally called “The Viewpoint” (“Utsikten” in Norwegian).


13 thoughts on “240/366 View over Trondheim

  1. Fint da på en godværsdag Inga 🙂 arti å se, domkirka og Nidelva og det hele. Aldri vært på det utkikkspunktet jeg faktisk. Det må sies å at jeg stirrer på den vakre headeren din hver gang jeg kommer inn hit, virkelig til å bli glad av! som ei sol 🙂

  2. I look forward to the next blogs… I love to find out about other places from those that live there.. always so different from advertorial information… love the photo, my kind of city, smaller…

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