230/366 Shadows under the pier

On Friday me and the boys went downtown to pick up my mum who had taken the bus from the airport. We had to wait a bit so we took a stroll down to the marina since my 3 year old really likes boats, and from there we could also see the trains arriving the train station. Liked the shadows under the pier and found it great for my theme this week – even with the phone. Edited with Instagram. And by the way, this is taken with my old phone as my new one is now sent away for repair. Hopefully they can fix it.


7 thoughts on “230/366 Shadows under the pier

  1. Det får bare være mobilkamera så mye det vil, men jeg liker så fragene her!! mettede farger med islag av sort, og jeg bare elsker dem, grønn er jo min favorittfarge så… innertier igjen 🙂

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