228/366 Shadow in the kitchen

Sorry for not posting, commenting and replying this week. It’s been a hectic week, but a nice one too. Several cell phone pics coming as I’m trying to catch up. But I hope you understand. Preparing to move and having a baptism in the same week and taking care of two small kids felt a bit too much this week.

this is shadows from products from a Danish design called Eva Solo. We have among other things a garlic press, a dressing shaker, oil carafe and milk and sugar set.


3 thoughts on “228/366 Shadow in the kitchen

  1. Oh don’t apologize… I haven’t taken a decent shot in ages … stuff going on in my life …… This shot of the shadows in your kitchen … what can I say? It’s wonderful. I try to emulate … to copy or duplicate you work but have not been able to. Enjoy your baby!

  2. If anyone can understand I am…I apologize for not commenting for so long…I will try to catch up…and you are one of the bloggerfriends I DO want to see everything you’ve done while I was gone… a couple of others will hopefully follow soon…

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