214/366 Walking on water

This shot is taken by Fetsund Timber Booms (Fetsund Lenser) –  an old timber floating and timber sorting plant on the river Glomma in Akershus county. It’s close to where the river Glomma runs out into Lake Øyeren. The timber floating plant was in operation as late as 1985 and was one of the Norway’s largest. Up to 14 million logs could pass through here during one season. The Timber Boom Museum was established in 1989, at which time it gained its protected status. I used to work here during summers and this is one of my favorite places in Norway.

 The “paths” (flåteganger) are made of wood and chained together and floats on the water. One can walk on the water using these. When timber was transported along the rivers, Fetsund Lenser was in charge of sorting the timber and make sure it got to the right owners and the mills. The workers used these water paths to get out to the timber on the river.

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