195/366 Red clover and a bumblebee


Today’s shot taken with the phone. And can you believe the bumblebee is more in focus than with the dslr the other day. Maybe because I just took a chance. Edited with Instagram.


11 thoughts on “195/366 Red clover and a bumblebee

  1. Phone cameras are specifically designed to always give you an in focus picture. However, that means that they cannot give you more specialized pictures using depth of field, shutter speeds to obtain motion, etc. They will always be great pictures and snapshots but rarely do they provide great photographs or works of art.

      1. No doubt it is but I make a point to always keep my DSLR by my side. It’s never more than 3 feet from me, literally. My friends think the doctors have surgically attached it to my hand……lol

  2. lovely shot and I know what you mean by the phonecamera being handy and also have to agree with Russel on the posibilities with a DSLR…which you’ll never have with a phonecamera. But I love this shot 😀

  3. Tydelig at du er i sommermodus, Inga. Masse flotte sommerblomstbilder i det siste 🙂 Dette er nok favoritten min så langt. Flott kontrast i kløveren + det ekstra livet humle/bia/whatever ga til det. Flott vinkel og i det hele tatt. Et bilde jeg falt for, rett og slett!

    1. haha. sommermodus i hvert fall når det gjelder blomster. Været kunne jo definitivt vært bedre og varmere.. 😉 Men hjertelig tusen takk. Glad du liker bildene mine. 🙂

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