194/366 Bleeding hearts at dusk

This shot was taken late last night. And even though the nights are quite light here up north, because of rainy weather I had to use quite a high iso and it was hard to get the focus right. I played around in Picnik a bit to make it a bit better.


9 thoughts on “194/366 Bleeding hearts at dusk

  1. Nice! hard to tell you had to bump your ISO! What I do for night shots is use bulb mode w/ a remote of some sorts (IR or wired), leave ISO at 100 or 200, and use a flash light to set the focus manually (using live mode almost always, zoomed in so the focus is right).

    1. Thanks, Jeremy! When I do proper night shots (I don’t think of this as a proper night shot as it was quite light outside), I use a tripod. Unfortunately I only have the built-in flash of the camera, and I don’t like it for shots like this.

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