178/366 View from the ferry


On Tuesday we took the ferry from Kiel to Oslo. As I mentioned the first time we took that ferry three Weeks ago, it’s more like a cruise ship than a ferry. This is the view from the Observation bar on deck 15 of the ship. Just a simple Android phone shot edited with Instagram.

12 thoughts on “178/366 View from the ferry

  1. Æ kose mæ skikkelig på tur sammen med dæ Inga !! Fantastiske bilder, øynene festet seg skikkelig ved regnværsbilde i sort hvitt, dette kan du virkelig og det skikkelig bra. Likte også bilde fra San Gimini kjempegodt, ja det er nesten så jeg sørger over ikke å skal til Italia i år 🙂

    Velkommen hjem til sol nå 🙂


  2. Beautiful looking sea! Just to also let you know that my blog address as changed and in changing it, I lost all my likes, followers & stats, what a pain!! I would be grateful if you could find the time to re-like at least a few posts that you’ve liked before and even more grateful if you would follow me again 🙂 New blog address is: http://cabodegataphotography.wordpress.com – it’s still the same monkey behind the wheel though! xx

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