177/366 Lübeck architecture


A snapshot of some typical architecture from day two in Lübeck. The weather was a bit better than the first day, but still with occasional showers. We got to see more of the city with narrow streets with houses like you see in this shot and with cobblestone. The city is on the Unesco world heritage list.


7 thoughts on “177/366 Lübeck architecture

    1. I’m not sure about this building in particular, but Lübeck was the capital of the Hanseatic league (a trade league of Northern Europe) and was boosting from the 12 th to the 17th century. I guess most of the preserved architecture of the Altstadt (the old town) is from 13th century onwards. They don’t build buildings like this anymore I think. But they may build them in similar styles to copy the old style. You can see more here: http://www.germany.travel/en/towns-cities-culture/unesco-world-heritage/luebeck-historical-centre.html

      1. My daughter spent a time in Germany doing computer programming, I have some magnificent photos she sent me from when she was there.. I am fascinated by architecture and some of her photos show this style…
        what a website you gave me the link too… thank you…

    1. Thanks! You should definitely go back and visit your relatives. I had never been to Germany before this trip and it’s such a great country to visit. I’m going back some day too. 🙂

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