157/366 Getting ready to go


Testing out the WordPress app again to see if I can get the size right. I just noticed that I can change the width of the inserted photo. I think I have to check it out on the laptop after posting to see what it looks like.

Anyways; this is a glimpse of my suitcase. As you can see I have among other things packed my point & shoot, my tripod and the “nifty fifty”. 🙂


14 thoughts on “157/366 Getting ready to go

  1. It’s still not the width you normally post…butI think it’ll work… and ooooh I am always pretty stressed out packing my stuff…although all stress is gone as soon as I shut the door… nice shot of your suitcase I see you also have H&M over there? haha

    1. I see it’s not the same width, but it’s better. And this was just a snapshot with the phone. I’m also a bit stressed out now, so now I’m going to take the time to clean the kitchen so that it doesn’t look that bad when we come home 😉 going to bed late tonight I guess. 🙂

      1. I know the feeling…but it makes the coming-home so much more pleasant…in a clean home ! My children find it always such a waste of time…cleaning while you’re going away…but I’ll still do it everytime we go 😀

  2. I’m peering into the suitcase and don’t see any chocolates…. hope you can buy where ever you going, they are as important as the camera, glad to see the nifty-fifty…

    1. Love the nifty fifty. I don’t bring chocolates on vacation, but it’s important to buy chocolate in the countries I’m visiting. And on the tax-free shop. 😉

  3. I never pack my camera equipment in my suitcase… its always my entire carry on if flying….. now… as for the app I love it and have never really done any adjustments when I posted from it. I like it to be as is and “live”… gives it that extra ‘look what i am up to’ instant effect! So whats in the H&M bag?

    1. This time we’re taking our own car, but I usually make sure not to pack it all together when I’m flying. The dslr is not packed in a suitcase since I like to have it ready in case I see a photo oppurtunity. 🙂

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