136/366 17th of May merchandise

In the week leading up to the 17th of May (as mentioned in the previous post: Norway’s Constitution Day) there’s lots of stuff sold in everything for interior decorating stores, book shops, flower shops, grocery stores etc. All in the colors of red, white and blue. Flags, whistles, napkins, candles, flower bouquets and so on. This is taken with my new android phone.


16 thoughts on “136/366 17th of May merchandise

  1. Ha cool – and yes it’s like that in the UK too with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics coming up shortly! There are Union Jacks EVERYWHERE!

  2. Great picture. Its like that in the UK at the moment too. (with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics). I like it because we’re not patriotic that often! Have a great day on Thursday. I was in Norway on 17th May last year. It was so much fun. The friends that I was visiting gave me a flag!

  3. Takk, Anne! Ha en fin feiring du også. Vi skal ikke feire så mye i år siden vi skal kjøre bil i noen timer denne dagen, men det blir nok pølser og is når vi kommer fram. 🙂

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