128/366 57 Varieties

This week’s theme is “Numbers”, so I’m going to hunt for great subjects containing numbers. Discovered this number while having dinner today. I’ve never noticed it before, and was quite amazed that it says that Heinz has 57 varieties. Is that true? In Norway I guess you can buy two or three varieties… 🙂


13 thoughts on “128/366 57 Varieties

  1. Being originally from Canada, it is a household saying there that one is a “Heinz 57” referring to a mix or blend of multiple nationalities of origin. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome. Thanks for replying. My father who is in his 90’s used to take a lot of slides and we had dfferent slide projectors watching slide shows at family & friend gatherings.. 🙂

  2. HÆ!!??? visste ikke jeg heller, kjedelige Norge 😦

    Selv er jeg en Idun fantast ( mannfolka Heinz) også så jeg kom en varinat med tilsatt pepper, 10 krona dyrar sjø!!! jøjje mæ, ikke så ofte jeg ser på priser når det handles, men den flaske ble satt tilbake… ja åsså den uten sukker, dyrere den å, tenk det da, dyrere når det er mindre av noe, he he snedig…

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