123/366 Curled parsley

Spring means that there is enough light shining in through our windows so that herbal plants can survive in our kitchen. In the summer of course they can survive outside as well. These days we have curled parsley, thyme, rosemary and basil for use in the kitchen. We usually buy these plants all year round, but they seldom last more than a week or so because the winters are so dark.


15 thoughts on “123/366 Curled parsley

  1. I love parsley, curly and flat leaf varieties, coriander (cilantro in US), chives, basil, thyme too. So many flavours in little pots with such wonderful health benefits. I love the way you have managed to single out one stem and leaves. Such a bright green is wonderful.

  2. I have straight parsely gowring in a place difficult to photograph but the structure of the plant, its growing habit & the intricacies of the leaves would reward it – like yours shows 🙂

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