114/366 Growing blue beauty

As you may have understood from my posts, spring has not come very far in the region where I live. It’s a bit sad really, but at least every now and then we have some really beautiful sunny days. I hope we can finally get some warm days too when May arrives in a week.

Mondays means new theme. This week’s theme is “Growth”. This lovely blue flowers are growing right outside our apartment building. I unfortunately don’t know the name of this, so if anybody out there knows, please tell me.

19 thoughts on “114/366 Growing blue beauty

    1. Update: you were right. I was wrong. Just because they look a bit different I was sure it wasn’t a snowdrop. Thanks. šŸ™‚

      1. You’re right, Joanna. It just didn’t know the blue ones existed. And also because the white ones looks differently. Thanks! You are all so quick to help. I was going to google it myself but never got that far before you and Carissa and Eloise were all there for me. šŸ™‚

      2. Yes, indeed I was wrong. As soon as I posted it I thought that the inside of the flower didn’t look right (yellow vs blue).

    1. Thanks, Carissa. But still I’m not quite sure. The photo in the link show a flower with yellow stems, my flower’s got blue ones… ah well, the search continues šŸ™‚

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