112/366 Colorful height measurer

Another shot taken at the end of the day and just as a simple solution. It’s a fun thing though. It’s the height measurer in my son’s bedroom. He still has a bit to go before he reaches 100 cm… 😉 So nothing clever or fancy about this photo. It’s more about not missing one day of my project and to stay within the theme of the week.


12 thoughts on “112/366 Colorful height measurer

  1. Maybe not clever or fancy like you said, but I like it anyway… it IS colorfull and sweet…and I remember having a measure like that , with NIJNTJE ( don’t know if you are familiair with NIJNTJE… it’s from a dutch designer) and I made that one myself 😀

  2. ALT! må markeres 🙂

    Hjemme hos foreldrene mine brukte vi dørkarmen på kjøkkenet, jeg ble målt der, lillebroren min og så sønnen her i huset. men mål og dato 🙂 Ser litt rert ut for karmen er ikke pen, og fatter`n har ikke hjerte til å male over du vet…

    Fin fin søndag til deg Inga.

    1. Jepp, alt må markeres. Vi brukte også dørkarmen. Og man skal selvfølgelig ikke male over. Det skulle bare mangle at det ble stående for ettertiden. Håper du har hatt en fin søndag. Det har jeg 🙂

  3. 365 is tough. This shot tells a lot about family life, so it’s nice. Every year on my children’s birthday we mark on the wall their heights. Amazing the diffrence in their growth rates from year to year.

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