103/366 Crocus bokeh

Today I handed in my DSLR to a professional to get the sensor cleaned. I will get it back tomorrow (if I manage to find the time to go downtown). In the meanwhile I have to do with my point & shoot. I was not too happy with this shot so I edited it a bit with some extra warm tones to make it a bit better. (at least in my eyes). I love Crocuses. They are a great sign of spring. Outside our apartment building there have been Crocuses for quite a while now, but then they suddenly got covered in snow. Now the snow is melting again. I love winter, but I think it should be long gone by mid-April..

10 thoughts on “103/366 Crocus bokeh

  1. I hate handing over my DSLR to the sensors as well. What is your point and shoot? I use a FugiFilm S4000 for what I call my “drive by shootings”. In fact my post today was also from a point and shoot. Your pic still turned out great.

    1. Thanks! I have a Fujifilm finepix that’s 5 years old now, but I still like it. I do believe that it’s not all about the gear when taking pictures, but it’s hatd to take good macro shots with it.

  2. 1st, this is a lovely shot with great focus, depth of field. 2nd, it seems so strange to me to read of snow as the temps here are already quite warm. I enjoy your photography.

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