98/366 Earth and sky

Went for a short ride yesterday in lovely weather. The landscape in the area my mum lives was perfect for this kind of photo, don’t you think?

And yes, I have been made aware that there are spots on the sensor. Which I now can’t take my eyes off. I will try to take the time to clean it in one of the following days.


20 thoughts on “98/366 Earth and sky

    1. hi Carissa, can you give some advise on that? I myself have spots on the lens I am not able to remove… what is the best way to do? Obviously in my case it’s water…:D

      1. If the spots are on your lens you should be able clean them.. If on your lens, a simple lens cleaning kit should help you do the trick.

        If they are on your sensor inside your camera you should have a professional do that cleaning.

    2. Thanks for the comment and the advise. I will probably have to take the camera to town then πŸ˜‰ And great that you and Joanna could use this place for advices on how to clean our gear.

  1. Inga, go and get the sensor cleaned professionally, I agree with Bluelyon, it’s a tricky thing to do yourself, maybe you can ask a professional to show you how to do it and guide you through the steps.
    Best wishes

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