91/366 Crossing the street

Lovely weather for the first time in ages and I was able to bring my camera when we walked downtown to visit friends. I took quite a few shots while standing at a big intersection, just photographing people. I liked this one the best of today’s photos.

11 thoughts on “91/366 Crossing the street

    1. Thanks, Helen! You should go out there and do it, it somehow very satisfying. At least for me is about having the guts to do it really.

  1. Du er råtøff som tør rette linsa `ut i det fri`, må komme meg dit en dag jeg også 🙂

    Kjente omgivelser på bildene dine, og det er jo ekstra stas må jeg si.

  2. Great photo tones Inga. And you can sense the youth spring in the couple’s step, hear the cell phone conversation, and know everyone got something at the market because of the wonderful depth of field in your photo. I can look at this photo for a while….

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