80/366 On the way home


This is actually not a proper street photography, as I have taken a photo of my son on the way home from kindergarten. But I think it has the feel of street photography. To my defense the rain was pouring down today and the baby was sleeping for hours so I wasn’t able to go for a long walk or downtown to see if I could practice on this week’s theme. Hopefully I can get downtown tomorrow.

And yes, I have used my Android phone for this one too.


15 thoughts on “80/366 On the way home

  1. Which Android do you have? I have the HTC incredible and the camera just sucks a$$!!! Yours from the last 2 days are actually decent! I’ve tried them all and I’m going back to iPhone when they release a new one.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy, but I have downloaded the Retro Camera App from Android Market. Try that! That’s what I’ve used the last two days.

  3. Why do you think this is not a proper street photo? I think it is and I like it… love the compostion of this one and your ‘big’ boy just adds a lot to the photo, it makes the photo ‘speak’

    1. Thanks, Joanna. The reason why I don’t think it’s proper is because I feel it’s a bit like cheating to photograph my son instead of a stranger on the street. But what do I know.. I’m glad so many people liked this. πŸ™‚

  4. What a fabulous photo!!! You captured your boy from an angle most people don’t take – he is walking away from the camera, his hood is on and I really get the feeling that the weather is not so great. Love the street composition. This is a successful shot!

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