79/366 Going to post a letter

New week and a new theme. This week I will make an attempt at street photography. This would be a bit challenging for me, especially since I’m dependent on the baby and if I can actually make it out, but hopefully it will work out. I also find it difficult photographing people I don’t know, so this would be interesting and important to try out.

My first attempt was not that successful, I think. But I couldn’t get further than to the grocery store today. On my way in I noticed this man going in to the store with an envelope in his hand. I had my Android phone ready and got to capture him on his way in. At our local store there is also a small post office, or rather “post-in-shop” as they call it. Hopefully I can practice more tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “79/366 Going to post a letter

  1. I too find it difficult to photograph people on the street. Ironically, I had no trouble when I was a tourist in China; I wonder if it’s because we expect tourists to constantly snap pictures. My son likes to photograph street people & he always gives them a $1 or more for the privilege … and he asks them 1st. I haven’t had the guts to do even that.

  2. Du er så flink på øyeblikksbilder du Inga, og her har jeg massevis å lære og en lang vei å gå, men du inspirerer jente, trenger bare noen spark bak, he he

    Håper av hele mitt hjerte du har gode dager med den lille!!! sønnen her i huset hadde kolikk de lux så jeg vet hva baksiden av medaljen også kan være, men jeg krysser fingre for dere.

    Stor stor Anneklem.

    1. Hjertelig takk, Anne. Vi har gode dager, sover til og med lenge på morgenen etter litt amming på morgenkvisten. Ingen kolikk å spore så langt, heldigvis 🙂

  3. I understand what you mean, but just shoot and tell people what you are doing, that is just the right way to do it I guess… if you are honost about your intentions, probably nobody would mind.

  4. I tried street photography out last week and was too nervous to finish. I worry too much. 🙂 Though you were able to pull it off very well. I think I see reflection of you and your stroller in the window.

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