65/366 The path to the church

A new week and I will make the effort to get back to my weekly themes. The theme for this week is low perspective. This shot is not too low, but it’s a start. We went for a stroll today in lovely early spring weather. The church you can barely see in the background is where we got married and our first son was baptised. It’s situated in a lovely area where it’s nice to go for a walk, and not too far away from home either.


7 thoughts on “65/366 The path to the church

  1. I love the concept Inga, but here are some suggestions. The same shot, but walk a meter and a half up to get beyond the rugged hole in the road and to put the tree on the left more in the very front border of the frame. Then you also get more of the church and the road and trees leading up to it. So instead of cropping, use “getting closer” to tighten up the scene, getting as low as you can, and the frame will “open up” with the feeling of expanse that a low perspective can achieve. Bona opera.

    1. Thanks for the comment and for the suggestions. I’m always ready to learn and improve. And yes, I wasn’t all that happy with this shot, but as I said it was a start, and it was taken at the spur of the moment while walking. I think I need this week to practice on the low perspective thing. Thanks again. 🙂

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