55-59/366 Baby pics

Last Friday, February 24th 2012, I gave birth to a beautiful boy. Here are the the photos for February 24th to February 28th. All baby photos. 🙂 I’m still a bit off after giving birth, but I will get back to commenting on all the wonderful blogs out there very soon.

55/366 The first photo – from the phone

56/366 Day two – also from the phone

57/366 Looking

58/366 Sleeping

59/366 Sleeping again 🙂

27 thoughts on “55-59/366 Baby pics

  1. What an adorable little boy! I love seeing hair like that on a newborn. Reminds me very much of my family. (all my brothers and I were brunettes with a healthy amount of hair. Coongratulations on your new one. Relax and don’t worry about us. We’ll still be here when you get back.

  2. Hi Inga, congratulations on your beautiful newborn. What a cute little one! Hope everything went well! I already missed you here and thought the new baby had to be on his way.
    Like Carissa said: don’t worry a minute about us, we will be here and follow you anyhow… Just take the time to recover and enjoy this gorgeous little boy! How is your other son? A loving and caring BIG brother? Wishing you and your family all the best and enjoy every minute of this precious time.
    with love Joanna

  3. Å næææiiii no skrik æ en skvett 🙂 gratulerer gratulerer Inga, så vakker han var!! Glad det hele er over du å nå sikkert, at vidunderet endelig kan ligge i armene og ikke i magen. Dette bare må feires litt her å, is i kveld 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Mona! As for the greatest love of my life – this is my second son, so my heart is filled with lots of love already. Isn’t it great that there is room for so much love.? 🙂

    1. thank you very much 🙂 I’m feeling better already, now trying to adjust to being a family of four and being up half the night 😉

  4. Good news, Good news indeed. Congratulations to you and your family. He is adorable. Hope all is well with you and that you get some sleep as well.

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