7 thoughts on “54/366 Piglet’s nose

  1. Love the way you choose Piglet for a bodypart picture… that would be something I wouldn’t think of in the first place.
    What about a close-up of the eye of your lovely son? Or his hands while he’s drawing something? Or your own hands holding your camera? ~in that case you need a second camera of course~ What about your beautiful pregnant belly, shot in a special way? I think this is THE time to do it, if only for yourself as a reminder how it was…
    Just giving you a few ideas… do with it whatever you want.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the baby will not wait too long to come to this world!
    That’s another idea: fingers crossed… beautiful in bodyparts theme and pretty appropiate… Take care 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the ideas, Joanna. I was thinking about my belly, but I’m not sure I would like to put it out there…. I have lots of ideas for my son, but I guess it will be easier in the weekend when I actually see him for more than a few hours after kindergarten. The evening passes so fast. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, and I agree with others – try to get some sort of maternity pictures whilst you can. They are lovely to look back on. And keep going, your shots are lovely and so different!

  4. Ååå jeg forstår du har tankene helt andre plasser nå ja 🙂 og at det meste er litt mer slitsomt på så mange måter, MEN hold ut kjære venn, snart snart

    Trenger faktisk flere sånne tips selv jeg, kreative vinkler og diverse, men en må ha overskudd for slik aktivitet. Synd du ikke får blitt med oss på tur i morgen, hadde nå håpa på det jeg da, men jeg ser ut gjennom vindu her og det regner og er så grått at en får vel se været litt ann. Ikke kjekt å gå i strrandkanten i regn heller.

    God helg til deg, uansett planer. Anneklem

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