47/366 Circles: Straws

For a long time I have wanted to take pictures of straws, and with the circles theme this weekΒ  I finally tried it out. I’m quite happy with the result, but I wanted it to be the more colorful ones and I know the lighting is not perfect. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the more colorful ones from my local store, I will have to try that later on. As for the lighting – there is more light on the left, and I realise I really need to get myself a proper flash soon. ..

33 thoughts on “47/366 Circles: Straws

  1. A lovely shot, Inga! Personally, I like the side lite image, it adds a lot of depth to the shot. If you want a little more lighting filled into the shadow, try setting a piece of white paper on the shadow side to reflect the light like a fill flash (or use a hand mirror or even a cd). πŸ™‚

  2. An intriguing shot and I admire your creativity. I would never think of a shot like this one in a million years. Great job!

  3. Great colors. I would have loved it even more if the straws were little towards the side. Great pic!

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