16/366 What I do

New week, new theme. This week’s theme is “Work”. I decided to take a snap shot of what I do for a living. I work with something called National Digital Learning Arena (NDLA). It’s a website for use in teaching and learning upper secondary/high school level (in Norway age 16-18).  We make learning resources with articles, tasks, videos, flashes, pictures and links. It’s very interesting work and I like it very much. The link to the website (for Norwegian speaking people) is http://www.ndla.no

And oh, as some of you who have visited before may have noticed: I have changed to blog theme too. Not quite sure if I will end up with this, but please let me know if you like or not. I particularly like the start page with this theme. Just to let you know, it might change again…. Sorry if this is confusing, but I won’t do this more than necessary. I just want to be content with the look of my blog.


2 thoughts on “16/366 What I do

  1. Hi Inga,

    You want to know if we like or like not… your new blog theme. I personally am not very fond of this theme because you can’t see the complete pictures and you have to click each and every picture apart to take a good look at it.
    But don’t let my oppinion lead you…you have to come up with something that suits you best.
    I will keep on following you anyway =D

  2. Thanks for your comment, Joanna. I’m trying out different themes at the moment, so it might change again. You make a good and logic comment about not seeing the complete picture from the moment you enter the page. I will take that with me.

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